WHat to think about before painting brick

So, you’re thinking about painting brick on your home. Painting brick is a challenge, but we’ll be there to help.

Most medium to large-sized homes will take some time to properly assess and paint, and we’re here to guide you through the process of beginning to see whether your house might be a good fit for the job. Painting brick homes takes some pre-planning and plenty of patience, so let’s get started.

Before You Begin Painting Brick

Brick is typically chosen for a building material due to its durability and natural color. Depending on its capacity to age and its wear and tear, painting the brick of your home may be the perfect choice to increase its curb appeal and resale value. We always recommend developing a long-term plan for maintenance-free painted bricks in order to make the job worthwhile.

Considering Brick Health

If your home’s bricks are deteriorating, molding, chipping or falling apart, you must proceed with caution before painting. Give us a call to inspect the exact state of your brick and we’ll determine if your home’s bricks are in a solid enough condition to be painted. Keep in mind that a layer of paint will block the bricks’ surface pores, which will reduce moisture evaporation and cause certain types of paint can chip. We’ll consider the brick’s condition, matched with paint removal, weathering and upkeep requirements.

When approaching a brick painting project, moisture is always at the forefront of our strategy. Water can easily enter into bricks, and we make sure to take note of wet stones that may require attention before beginning the project. Bricks need to be cleaned and given ample time to dry before they are painted. Our experience gives us knowledge of exactly which cleaners to use, especially those that can harm your brick. For example, acidic solutions can lead to chipping, so we’ll avoid these altogether.

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Painting Brick on Your House

We believe painted brick done well can be one of the most beautiful exterior options for a home. Lean on us to prepare your home for painting and get your project started.

Painting is a time-consuming and laborious task, especially when approaching a surface as complex as brick. We at the Painting Company of Atlanta are here to do all the messy work so that it meets your standards as a homeowner. Our freshly painted homes look elegant and fresh, and a new coat of paint always adds a level of attraction to each facade.

The Painting Company of Atlanta is waiting to hear from you today. Call us to set up an appointment for a meeting and an estimate.