If you want to avoid passing through a water fall each time you leave your house during a rain storm, you should consider having gutters added to the exterior of your home. Gutters are great way to make your home safer, more accessible and better protected from harmful erosion.

Why Gutters

Rain gutters are definitely not the most glamorous aspect of your home, but they are certainly critical. Routing water to the proper run off is an essential aspect of home maintenance both inside and outside your home. This protects your siding, your windows, doors, and most especially basements and foundations from water damage. Additionally, if you’ve just painted the exterior, new gutters will help protect that investment from water damage.

When to Install

The most convenient time to install gutters is during a re-roofing project. This simplifies installation and gives you the added advantage of the system being fully integrated with the roof system. However, if you are not planning to install a new roof anytime soon,  gutters can be installed whenever you wish, but they should definitely be a consideration when you plan to paint as a means of protecting that fresh coat.

Who Needs Gutters

Not every home needs gutters. Some houses have very broad overhangs which can cast runoff water well away from the house, creating a good system on its own. Usually homes like this will not need gutters. Gutters are necessary when water is in constant contact with the home and foundation when it rains.

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Rain Gutter Mounting Systems

Gutters are attached to your home through a mounting system. This mounting system will go along the house’s eaves using many methods including straps, brackets and hangers.

The hidden hanger method is often used because it avoids the inevitable problem of the hanger coming loose eventually from wood as it ages. If the hidden hanger method will not work for a home then straps are often used to secure the gutters to the home. If you have a much older home you may be advised to make changes to the roof or re-roof the house before a modern gutter system can be secured.

Do-It-Yourself Gutters

Gutters can be a DIY job, or they can be professionally installed. Most home improvement stores will sell DIY rain gutter kits which will have all the materials needed to install gutter on your home. However, professionals will have the expertise to understand your home’s gutter needs that you may not have.

Most people who plan to install their own gutters use a vinyl DIY kit. In most cases you do not need to possess professional skills in order to complete a DIY gutter project. Vinyl gutters are also very rust resistant, so it’s a good investment either way.

Vinyl is often limited in color, whereas aluminum generally has more color options.

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Professional Installation

The drawback to DIY gutters is that you may lack the experience and knowledge required to do a really great job, and any mistakes you make could show up soon in the quality of the gutters and how well they do their job. Whether you choose to hire a professional or go the DIY route, The Atlanta Painting Company offers a complete line of gutters, downspouts and gutter covers for your installation needs. Our experts would be happy to assist you!