Why you should paint your garage door

Garage doors are often a prominent feature of a home’s street presenting side. With an updated paint job, you can benefit from an upscale look while extending the life of the door.


Many garage doors are of steel or wood manufactured in a basic panel design. Steel, in particular, often comes in neutral shades of white or beige. The result is a look that most of us glaze over. Give your garage door excitement by painting it a lively color to match your doors or trim. Bring balance to your exterior by matching the siding color. Once repainted, enhance the look with fixtures designed to mimic carriage house or related styles.


Over time, any exterior surface requires refinishing, and garage doors are no exception. Steel needs repainting to prevent the metal from rust exposure. Wood is prone to warping, splitting, and rotting when left vulnerable to the elements. If you notice peeling, flaking, cracking, or chalky paint, then it’s time to redo it. Regular repainting helps extend the lifespan of your door by protecting it from harmful climate conditions.

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Pro vs. DIY

It is possible to paint your garage door yourself though a professional can often provide better results. Here are a few things to consider before you begin:


Many garage door manufacturers have specific requirements for how you maintain your garage door. Oil-based paints typically used on wood siding can void a warranty on some garage doors, so check before you begin.


No matter the material, thoroughly clean the surface of the door before you begin. Use a mildly abrasive soap and a stiff brush to eliminate dirt, remove all loose paint, and create a clean, roughened surface so the new paint can adhere.

  • Wood: Use a garden hose to avoid supersaturating the wood
  • Steel: A pressure washer can work well on steel
  • Vinyl-Coated: Vinyl doesn’t hold paint. If your garage door comes with a vinyl coating, your only option to change the style is by adding fixtures or replacing the door

The Process

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the door,  repair any damaged spots. This means caulking gaps, scraping out rotting wood and applying filler, and scraping rust from metal doors. Mask off hardware, trim, siding, windows, and cover the driveway. Make sure the primer is appropriate for your door. To apply, use a paint sprayer for thin, even layers. Allow to dry fully before painting. Expect to complete two or three coats of paint to achieve even color and durable finish, with each layer drying sufficiently before the new one is applied.

Consider Going Pro

If you want a stellar job without the hassle, hire our professional painters. With decades of combined expertise, we can quickly determine the exact cleaning and repair process necessary, and efficiently provide a beautiful finish that will last for years.

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